The Ultimate Learning Platform for Schools and Universities
The Ultimate Learning Platform for Schools and Universities
The Ultimate Learning Platform for Schools and Universities

The Ultimate Learning Platform for Schools and Universities

Excellent Learning Experience

We created UNO with the whole educational ecosystem in mind. The result is a holistic, cloud-based educational platform for schools that caters to the specific needs of everyone within the school community: students, teachers, parents, administration, and the entire school staff.

UNO provides students with a seamless and entertaining learning experience, teachers with easy student management and assessment, parents with complete student monitoring and teacher engagement, administrators with overall management, and the entire school staff with continuous professional development.

Our clear and user-friendly platform is equipped with all the essential features needed for efficient teaching and effective learning, including tools for content creation, student assessment & progress tracking, and communication.

Why UNO is the best LMS for schools ?

Simple Implementation, Constant Support

Our platform will immediately benefit schools looking to continue their curriculum during any unprecedented event like the current COVID-19 crisis. No technological expertise is required to set up and use our intuitive platform. Within hours you can configure a customised, ready-to-use site, with the constant support of our dedicated team at your service.

Great User Experience

We created UNO with different types of users in mind. Thanks to its clear and user-friendly design, class creation is easy and effective, learning enjoyable and productive, and administration seamless and timesaving. Without exhaustive training you will be able to host virtual classrooms, assign homework, manage staff, and facilitate class discussions completely online.

Personalized Learning Paths with Progress Tracking

UNO is equipped with a powerful pathway creation tool which allows teachers and administrators to coherently organize material and courses. Teachers can create a clear roadmap for students to successfully cover each topic in the correct order. They can easily create multi-page trackable courses from existing content and link it to a Subject, while the automated progress tracker gives insight on every student's learning progress.

Easy Content & Course Creation, Efficient Delivery

UNO’s powerful course creation tool enables teachers to create, upload and save highly engaging content, organise it into lessons, and integrate different kinds of external sources like documents, videos or audio, without prior technical knowledge. It further allows teachers to deliver the content in multiple formats, including presentations, webinars, videos, online courses, documents, etc., so the students get more options for learning the same content.

Learning Tracking with Rich Analytics and Reporting Tools

Uno allows better tracking of students' learning or teachers' training progress with real-time detailed reports. It’s built-in reporting engine provides access to unlimited tracking data such as the time spent completing a specific assignment or assessment, the latest subject activities, learning paths statistics, completion reports, user grades statistics and much more. Administrators can also create custom reports to further analyse the performance data.

Multiple Assignment Options, Automated Assessment

Teachers can choose from different assignment types such as essays, discussions, quizzes, surveys and more to deepen students’ knowledge. The integrated assessment engine provides a powerful way of assessing student knowledge with multiple question types. Grading is simplified by UNO’s automated grading mechanism. Our gradebook, where all results and changes are automatically added and all offline grades can be incorporated, provides a centralized view of all grades. They can be shared in real-time with students and parents.

Game-based Learning


With UNO, teachers can easily create engaging learning games that are both fun and competitive. Or, they can use our gamification tools to add game elements like points, badges or leaderboards to other tasks. 

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UNO Virtual Classroom
Whiteboard and presentations

Teach remotely in times of school closures. Teachers can conduct highly interactive live online classes with UNO’s virtual classroom which include features like whiteboard, video conferencing, screen sharing, external video share, instant student polls, and ppt/pdf presentations upload.

Centralised Information with Instant Access

Every information is structured and recorded in UNO’s cloud-based centralised location, from where any learning material can be accessed by users on any device, everywhere and at any time. Those factors eliminate the risk of lost or misplaced material, save time (and trees) due to less photocopying, keep students in the learning loop while they are ill, and support self-directed learning.

Easy and Efficient Administration.
HR Synchronisation, Smart Bulk Enrolment Support, Smart Bulk Assignment Engine and Task Automation.

NO can boast about several smart features like HR Synchronisation, Smart Bulk Enrolment Support, Smart Bulk Assignment Engine and Task Automation. It offers full Organisational support in which schools can have multiple branches across the globe with its own departments, groups, positions, etc. With UNO, schools can dynamically create and manage roles like administrators, teachers, students and parents. Notifications, reminders, and messages to any users can be administered easily.

Continuous Professional development

UNO is the only LMS that integrates Student Learning and Teacher Training into a single platform, allowing schools to manage their teacher training and continuous professional development online. Schools can easily set up training courses for teachers and other staff members, their attendance and learning progress will be tracked and evaluated by our system. Teachers can further access subject-based resources about teaching methods and methodologies, curriculum standards and more to improve their everyday teaching.

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